How long should I keep my accounting records?
The Internal Revenue Service recommends 7-10 years.

Does Blye & Lundberg "e-file" tax returns?
Yes, we now have the capability to e-file income tax returns. There will be a small additional fee to process returns in this manner. Please ask for this service.

Are you open during the lunch hour?
We are open during the lunch hour. However it's a good idea to check on the day that you wish to visit us during the lunch hour as occasionally we are closed for meetings or office lunches.

Can I pay for my taxes with my credit card?
For information on paying for your taxes with your credit card, please contact the applicable taxing authority to which payment is due. For your convenience, we have included some links to various taxing authorities on this website.

Can I pay my accounting bill by credit card?
We no longer accept credit cards. 


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